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Increase productivity
Dramatically improve processes
Decrease litigation
Implement new ideas

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The dpQuality Policy & Procedure Workshops present a new and unique policy and procedure model that is clear, easy-to-understand, and precisely formatted so as to prevent misunderstandings that lead to poor execution, poor outcomes, and dreaded litigation.

Whether you are working on a strategic plan outlining ideas for growth or working hard on day-to-day tasks, the unique dpQuality Policy Format works to keep the plans within the boundaries of company beliefs and ideologies.

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When companies involve all employees in planning the day-to-day activities of their jobs, and encourage them to work with management on process improvement, a healthy working environment evolves.

When all employees, from staff to management, see that their contributions to the company actually make a difference, a new stress-free environment is created.

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Welcome to dpQuality.com

Whether yours is a small or a medium-sized company, your employees' trust is the fastest and easiest way to keep costs down, keep customers happy, and help keep the company lawsuit free.


This website will explain the Diagnostic-Prescriptive Quality Workshops and why they will work for your company. We understand that expense is all-important to you so we have designed the workshops to be presented on as limited a basis as you need. We can begin with one "showcase" department or with a few. The point is that once we begin working with you, you will easily see the benefits to the series of workshops we offer.

Both the dpQuality Workshops and the dpQuality Policy & Procedure Workshops are easily adaptable to your company's needs. Each individualized workshop in the series will be presented through informal discussions accompanied by a stimulating and informative presentation.

Please navigate the rest of the website - Like our workshops, it was designed to be helpful and easy to understand.

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